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MAGAZINE COVER: Jeny Nelly, the Brazilian in the influencers fashion world

The Brazilian who was born in the state of Santa Catarina tells us how she is dominating the world of fashion influencers in Europe. Jeny tells to VAM magazine: "I have been working as a fashion influencer for three and a half years, and I feel much more fulfilled when I can create stories that help and inspire people." Read the interview with Jeny Nelly to Brazil, and learn what's shining in European fashion.

1 - Jeny thanks for being back on VAM Magazine! The first time we met was last year in MFW / PFW. And now we meet again to talk specially about your story. Tell me, who is Jeny Nelly today? And what is her biggest dream? I'm from Santa Catarina, Brazil, born in Blumenau. I’ve been living in Germany for the past 10 years. I've also lived in Melbourne, Australia for 6 years. There I studied and worked in the fashion industry as a Visual Merchandiser and Fashion Stylish/ Consulting. I’ve been working as Fashion Influencer for three years and a half now, and I feel much more fulfilled when I can create stories that help and inspire people. My biggest dream? Today we work in an industry where Fashion Influencers fight for limited spotlight, which saturates our area. But that doesn't intimidate or discourage me continuing my journey. It's something that motivates me to keep going - always innovating and finding new ways to connect with the public and to be recognized in Brazil. Until now I was just focusing on my career out here in Europe.

2 - How old were you when you decided that your life would change? And how did this change happen? I've been working as Fashion Stylist for years, but I've always worked behind the cameras, and in 2019 I’ve decided to throw myself in front of them where I’ve learned a lot about myself, I found my personality in Fashion. The secret to this change was not skipping processes, never stepping on anyone, being humble and determined.

3 - In your career as Fashion Influencer, which moment stands out in your memory? I would say that it was this latest season (February 2023) of Milano Fashion Week (Fall Winter 23/24) because I had the confirmation that I am on the right track. I can see that my work is being recognized by the brands, and it makes me more determined to continue, because it is not an easy path, in this business there is a lot of competition and sabotage (unfortunately).

4 - What do you think is the fashion capital of the world? The Paris' fame as capital of fashion began many years ago. This is because the textile sector has received incentives since the 17th century. Also with the help of the Queen Marie Antoinette in the mid-1700s, who was adept of having new clothes frequently. She had a royal seamstress to create her outfits. That's how fashion got stronger and stronger in Paris, becoming known worldwide as the capital of fashion. Milan became more prominent in the textile sector after the end of World War II. The post war era was the key turning point where everyone could discover quality and refined products produced by the Italians. Thus increasing the reputation of the Italians in fashion. And in 1958 the famous ‘Camera Nazionalle della Moda’ was inaugurated. Therefore, for me both have equal influence when it comes to fashion quality and trends.

5 - Amusing moment: What's yours, Jeny? I remember to this day! It was February 2020. There was a super important fashion show for me to go to, from the MFW official calendar. Being ready two hours in advance, I’ve got distracted on social media and the time past by so quick that I had only thirty minutes left for the show to start. It would take me 20 minutes by car but none were available and there was a traffic jam outside the fashion show. So, I’ve decided to catch the subway as there would be enough time to get there. However, I was so nervous that I caught the subway to the opposite direction and I ended up riding 2 stations backwards. Luckily I’ve noticed that, and got off the subway, took off my high heels (yes, I was barefoot - lol) to run to the other side of the platform and to catch the subway to the right direction. The fashion show was beside the famous DUOMO cathedral. So, I got off at Duomo station (barefoot), ran to the entrance holding (still) my high heels in my hands. While the girls were checking my name on the list I then put the heels back on and walked in as if nothing happened. I will never forget that scene.

6 - What are the 5 fashion trends you see growing in Europe? Metallic, 3D pieces, denim on denim, utilitarian outfits and fringes.

Vitor Zerbinato

7 - Paris/ Milano / NY Fashion Week, ... Which brands supported you? And many people want to find out: How much does it cost to be in a fashion week? The brands are: VITOR ZERBINATO (Brazil), REBEKKA RUÉTZ (Austria), KILIAN KERNER (Germany), SWISSLINE SKINCARE (Switzerland) and my partner with my 36 pieces capsule collection (between street style, gym wear and beach wear), LAS GRINGAS (Brazilian sustainable brand, based in Italy and Brazil). About how much it costs to be in a fashion week, it varies from person to person. Where do you want to stay, how many days will you stay, which brands do you want to invest in, partnerships with brands etc … what I can say is: IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE to have this experience. Just need to have determination and go after it, if this is your dream. Yet, being invited to attend a fashion show is not that simple. Today, after some years, many brands that I am passionate about, thankfully support me.


8 - And what can't be missed in your bag? Credit card, lip gloss and my phone.

9 - Is Europe inspired by Brazilian Fashion? On what? Europeans have been known for their beautiful clothes for centuries. And the fashion trends always starts within Europe. But that doesn't mean Brazilian fashion doesn't have its own identity and power. Brazilian fashion is one of the flagships for positive exposure of the country worldwide. Brazil stands out in several sectors of the fashion industry: textiles, precious metals and from leather to footwear. We have indigenous, African, Portuguese origins and miscegenation, is practically impossible to map. It is precisely for this reason that the Brazilian style fascinates the world.

10 - Jeny, which influencer have you dreamt to meet and have you met? And which one would you like to work with? I've always wanted to meet the Fashion Influencer Leonie Hanne. She inspires me a lot in her dedication and persistence. One day I would like to be able to work with Malu Borges, another Influencer that I have the greatest admiration for.

11 - What are your plans for 2023? I plan to continue creating my fashion content, showing European fashion trends with styling tips and develop my skills in videos. This has helped me to realize certain elements of my personality that I also need to change. After all, life is a school, which makes us mature from our mistakes and successes. I will soon have the launch of my Spring Summer 23/24 collection with LAS GRINGAS here in Europe and consequently in Brazil. In addition, I would also like to work with brands that are just starting out to help them get more visibility during fashion week here in Europe.


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